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Experience more joy on the tropical reefs with our enthralling SeeREEF ecology exploration. We will introduce you to a broad range of fascinating reef creatures as you immerse yourself in the diversity, complexity and fragility of the tiny, the weird and the wonderful reef dwellers -hosted at "SeeREEF House" 47 Collick Street Hilton 6163. 

If you are a diver, snorkeler, conservationist or nature lover and are curious to know more about the creatures you see on the tropical reefs of Ningaloo, the Great Barrier Reef and the Indo-Pacific region - then this presentation is perfect for you!


SeeREEF will amaze and excite you as you learn to recognise and understand so much more about the extraordinary tropical reef creatures - each with their own intriguing behaviours and life stories

Learn what a tunicate, sponge, and coral actually are. They are much more complex than you might realise.  SeeREEF will help you identify the common, the rare and those creatures you might see only once in a lifetime. You will also learn how to keep safe in the water and  discover the one thing you can do to help stop coral bleaching and to save our beautiful reefs from dying!

Your new SeeREEF eyes will mean all your future under water experiences are enriched and enhanced 10 fold, because  "The more you know the more you see!"


We have 15 tickets on sale per showing so book soon.

NB: The presentation runs for 2 hours plus we have a break in the middle - so set aside 2.5  hours for the entire presentation.    Come and join us!  

In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we know.”   Baba Dioum 

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