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                                                                  Andrea - Owner and Presenter.

The SeeREEF presentation has been developed for divers, snorkelers and anyone else interested in the fascinating  underwater world, to promote a greater understanding and awareness of the wonders and the fragility of the worlds reefs and its inhabitants. 


Andrea believes passionately in marine education and conservation and hopes the SeeREEF show will encourage you to become a passionate marine guardian too! 

Andrea has worked extensively in the dive industry in Bali and the Great Barrier Reef as well as working in the sustainability and behaviour change sector for many years in Western Australia.

You will be fascinated by the funny and amazing characteristics and stories about the common and rare underwater creatures ....so all your future dives will be SO much better.


There are so many gorgeous, funny and fascinating creatures down there.  Each with their own story and characteristics.  The more you know about them, the more fascinating your dive or snorkel ......and the more you see and understand."

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