From Michael Mich - Dive Instructor who attended a SeeREEF presentation / taster in Bali August 2017:


"A quick note to endorse SeeREEF. As a dive instructor, I can't say enough about how invaluable it is for those of us introducing people to diving -- to experience one of Andrea's presentations. Sure. We know the difference between one fish and another, but to really understand their relationship to the health of a reef is quite another thing. I have long felt that when we, as instructors, certify a student to dive, we are not unleashing a cowboy to the underwater world, we are creating another advocate for the preservation of our oceans. An advocate for a healthy aquatic eco-system so others can appreciate it as we do. And these eco-systems may look robust and bullet-proof, but they are ultra-fragile. And amidst that fragility we see the interdependence of the: Health of the Reef; Health of the Fish; and the Health of all mammals everywhere (including us)....for, as the wonderful Sylvia Earle has made clear: If there is no blue, there can be no green. I enjoyed Andrea's presentation because it helped make me a more aware instructor so I can hopefully pass on that awareness to new divers."

Ariane - Attendee from Belgium:  December 2017



Such a good program, joined with my 3 sons 19, 25 and 27 and we all got a lot of amazing information out of it and it has developed my understanding and awareness of what happens in the underwater world. Andrea shared with us her passion and dedication to the marine world, a world of amazing colours, beauty and such unknown and unexpected behaviours amongst the marine creatures !!!!! When we then went diving, our perception had changed and as Andrea says: the more you know, the more you see! Thanks Andrea, this is opening up a whole new and amazing world; keep sharing, tell us more, you make it so interesting and you help create that connection between us humans and the marine world, encouraging therefore our respect, admiration, desire to be more mindful and protective of this mysterious underwater world!.”